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KERRY/EDWARDS: A Stronger America And Four Flat Tires

I remember that when I was a kid, I used to love reading Hunter S. Thompson's bi-monthly installments of "Fear and Loathing on The Campaign Trail" in Rolling Stone magazine in 1972.

Hunter was the creator and king of "Gonzo journalism." His work was outrageous, hilarious and inspiring.

That was 1972. During that campaign, I had no less than SEVEN McGovern bumper stickers ripped from the rear bumper of my car. You see, Nixonites were "kinda" mean-spirited back then.

32 years later, I'm not as hands on involved in politics as I was then. Still, I have strong opinions about who I am supporting for president this year (as though you might not have noticed).

BUT... there are no bumper stickers on my car or for that matter, NONE of my friends who support Kerry have stickers on their cars either, nor yard signs proclaiming our preference.

The reason is simple.

In '72, mean-spirited Republicans would most definately rip your McGovern sticker off of your bumper. All right, okay... just put on a new one.

But today, Bush supporters are a different breed. They're not simply "mean-spirited", there are scores of them who are "Nazi-like" in their zealous support of him.

These SS men read a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker as a bullseye. To these storm troopers, YOU ARE THE ENEMY!

Here in Orlando recently, a woman with a Kerry/Edwards sticker on her car went inside a local grade school to pick-up her child only to return moments later to find all four of her tires slashed! Circumstantial evidence? Right. The offenders just didn't happen to like the color of her car and were sending her a subtle message.

In the high-brow Orlando suburb of Celebration (near Disney World), cars AND houses that had Kerry stickers and/or yard signs have been vandalized by the dozens. A co-worker reported to me that every Kerry sign on his street (opposite side of town from Celebration) was stolen or detroyed over the weekend; the Bush signs went untouched. Even the local Kerry campaign office is fretting over the fact that they can't keep yard signs available. "They're just being stolen or vandalized too fast to keep up" a headquarters worker lamented to me today.

Bush's SS is on a mission. Keying your car is "justice" to them. Slashing your tires is your "lesson to be learned." Their message is clear. "Don't mess with us!"

Welcome to Bush's ("I'm a uniter, not a divider") America!

No... there are no stickers on my car this year, no yard signs either. In 1972, we had "Fear And Loathing." In 2004, we have "fear OF loathing."

While one might argue that these tactics can't be blamed on Bush, I protest! It is his harsh "patriotic" rhetoric that has turned any number of southern "good ol' boys" into his private SS boys!

I can hardly wait to find out what kind of unity that the next four years might bring if this Hitlerian fool actually wins a term.

Blogger's note: Since Bush wasn't actually elected in 2000, if he ACTUALLY wins in 2004, will he ACTUALLY be eligible for a second ACTUAL term in 2008? (Oh God... I hope that Karl Rove doesn't read this blog. He might start spinning this into reality.!)
Do you read the news? What do you call storming campaign offices in FL, Wisconsin, and other states? What happened to all the liberal love-ins? Make love not war? Kerry lovers brand Bush supporters' yards with Swastikas. The violence, name calling and intimidation is far more prevalent on the left than on the right. And your blog is proof. You lost in 2000 get over it. Get ready because you are going to lose again in 2004. Admit it, you like being a victim anyway.
Hello Anonymous (if that's your real name), hmmm... what's more threatening, putting a swastika sign in someone's yard or smashing a window or slashing a tire? The fact is, I support freedom of speech! Anyone who denies ANY American that right is WRONG!

No, we didn't lose in 2000 and I WILL NOT GET OVER IT! Just like losing the right to free speech, in 2000, Americans lost the right to choose their own President. The Supreme Court Republicans saw to that (in case you don't remember).

But you are right about one thing, I am a victim. All Americans are victims when justice turns a partisan-eye when deciding what should have been a non-partisan issue. Today, I AM THE VICTIM (and, no I don't like it). Tomorrow, it may be you.
I really dislike "anonymous" posts...come on...have the balls to put your name to your rhetoric. Rant over.

That said, I think one of "anonymous'" points is a good one - Republicans do seem to me to be "kinder and gentler" when it comes to campaign misdeeds.

Take a look at this and this . Be sure to follow the links...these aren't just the rantings of a Bush wacko, but these links lead to mainstream media reports.

By the way, Jeff, I tried to reply to the e-mail you sent and it said the e-mail server rejected it for a "protocol" error. I don't know what that means, but it didn't go through. Were you referring to my post "Men Can Be Such Punks" on September 24th? Feel free to e-mail me any time.
Paul, apparently, this crap seems to be going on now with both sides in various parts of the country and is simply unacceptable from either supporters, Republicans or Democrats. A report that exposes a pro-Kerry supporter's stupidity angers me just as much as it does when it comes from the Bush side.

My post simply deals with what has been happening here in my neck of the woods, where the pro-Bush forces seem to have the edge on "acts of stupidity." The stories have been running regularly in the Orlando Sentinel and on local televison and so far, no anti-Bush bashing seems to be occurring. Here, it seems to be pretty one-sided. Either way, it is unacceptable and dangerous.
To get up on my milk crate of self righteousnes, I would say that Republican voters ought to complain about the misdeeds of their own voters to their own party, and Ditto for the Democrats. Stop the crap being done by your own side. Ditto for global issues.
You ass. If I get a chance I'll rip off your leftist pro terrorist Kerry bumper sticker too.
Wow! I guess you certainly just showed me who's boss!
For the flavour of modern Republicans, have a look at
these letters
Tony... so much for being a close ally, huh? Thanks for your comment and link. Since I was born and raised about 15 miles away from Clark County, Ohio, I can attest to the fact that it is a pretty rural area with a small/medium size city at it's core. Lots of both party members there and the vote will probably be split about 50/50 come election day.

I think that the Guardian plan to have Brits send letters to America to express their points of view on "global politics" would have been a great idea, say... twenty years ago. Today, with the charged political atmosphere here, probably not.

I do find it ironic though that in one breath, the Republicans use Britain's "support of our war on Iraq" as a KEY example of our strong friendship and alliance. Meanehile, the other hand calls you "yellow-teethed bastards." So goes far too many Bush people. You can't reason with that kind of arrogant ignorance because there's nothing there to begin with.
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